Chris Stock

Chief Executive Officer of PCLaw | Time Matters

Chris Stock
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Chris Stock is the Chief Executive Officer of PCLaw | Time Matters and serves on LEAP's Board of Directors.

Chris joined LEAP in 2008. Before being named CEO of PCLaw | Time Matters in 2019, Chris was the CEO of LEAP USA. He was responsible for establishing LEAP in the USA and rebuilding acquired businesses, including Easysoft. Within 3.5 years, LEAP US has attracted over 1,500 users in New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts, resulting in an annualised committed monthly revenue of USD$6m.

Prior to this, Chris was the General Manager of LEAP in the UK and was responsible for setting up the LEAP business as it expanded internationally for the first time. Before this role, Chris was the Product Manager of LEAP's flagship cloud product during its early release to the Australian market. Having commenced at LEAP as a Training and Implementation Consultant, Chris was steadily promoted and eventually managed the National Consulting team, responsible for product implementation at law firms across Australia.

Before LEAP, Chris worked in conveyancing both in government and in several law firms. His last role in this field involved managing the conveyancing team at one of most recognized property law firms in Australia.

At age 22, Chris was elected for a 3 year term as a Councillor of the Hume City Council in Melbourne, Australia. Chris is also a member of the Forbes Technology Council.

In the Media

CEO Chris Stock (commenting on his role as a member for Forbes Technology Council) explains why consumer product security concerns cannot be applied to legal software (Forbes).