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Christian Beck
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Christian Beck is the Founder of LEAP and serves on its Board of Directors.

In 1992, Christian's father, a practising lawyer, asked him to assist with a system he was developing to help run his conveyancing matters profitably.

Christian taught himself to code and then spent more than a decade working closely with law firms to understand how they work, in order to ensure that the products he created met client needs. It was this determination to collect direct and intimate feedback about his products, and to act on the feedback, that drove Christian to create unique solutions and to take advantage of new technologies that would benefit the profession. His solutions became popular and successful.

Innovations at the core of LEAP were unique and have persisted to this day.

Christian is also the Founder of InfoTrack, a global provider to the legal profession of information about people, property and corporations.

In 2017 Christian was selected as the Australian EY Entrepreneur of the Year.

In the Media

LEAP founder Christian Beck selected as EY Entrepreneur of the Year (Sydney Morning Herald).

Christian Beck speaks at the Smart Equity launch in Sydney about building a global brand through your people.

In the inaugural episode of Passionate Players, a documentary series produced by Channel 10, Christian Beck shares his journey as founder of LEAP and winner of Australian EY Entrepreneur of the Year.

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