Portrait of Donna Broadley

Donna Broadley

Chief Executive Officer | LEAP AU

Donna Marie Broadley is the Chief Executive Officer of LEAP Australia and New Zealand as well as Infinitylaw Australia and New Zealand. She is based at LEAP Australia's Head Office in Sydney, where she provides guidance to the executive team on innovative business practices and legal software solutions for clients. She is responsible for overall business performance of both LEAP and Infinitylaw in Australia and New Zealand. Donna takes a vision and makes it a reality through sound strategy. She intuitively sees the threads of opportunity for LEAP, Infinitylaw, and its clients, brings them together, and helps others extend their thinking to achieve a commercial advantage.

Donna has worked in the legal industry for her entire career, with over 15 years' experience in legal technology in Australia. She has experience in senior management roles in Australia and abroad. Donna commenced her career with LEAP in 2003 as a Product Consultant. Over almost 13 years, she swiftly progressed to operational and senior positions, in roles that saw her involved in marketing, sales, knowledge, and executive initiatives.

She is responsible for creating the Quality Assurance department and National HelpDesk at LEAP. This saw Donna advise clients on best practice implementation and use of LEAP, as part of her commitment to delivering a quality customer-centric experience.

In 2016 Donna was appointed CEO of Perfect Portal, a startup acquisition of LEAP. In 12 months, Donna led the team to build ACMR of more than $1M per year from a standing start. Donna has since returned to LEAP as she has a steadfast belief in the product and culture, having seen first-hand how LEAP has helped law firms in Australia grow, evolve and increase profitability. Since her return, she has been appointed as CEO of Infinitylaw when it was acquired by LEAP in 2021. With LEAP's expansion in the Asia Pacific region in 2021, Donna was also appointed as CEO of LEAP New Zealand.

Having worked in a law firm, as both a Paralegal and Office Manager, Donna understands the pressures and opportunities of the legal industry.

Donna completed a Masters of Business Administration in 2019.