Holly Taylor

Holly Taylor

Chief Product Officer

Holly Taylor is the Chief Product Officer of LEAP.

Holly began her career working in law firms and as technology emerged with genuine productivity benefits for lawyers and their staff, she quickly changed careers, switching to harness the power of technology to help law firms be more productive and profitable. She is still doing that. 

The broadness of our flagship LEAP Legal Practice Productivity Solution makes Holly’s role a crucial one in ensuring all the components work harmoniously and can be marketed and sold coherently. 

This obsession has driven Holly’s career, and she has spent nearly 30 years working with law firms in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia to ensure that LEAP has a deep understanding of how law firms operate. She works daily at the convergence point between commercial needs and development priorities and capabilities. 

Holly also has a special interest in the practical application of Generative AI in the LEAP ecosystem and is working with LEAP’s internal AI teams to create the products of the future. 

During her career at LEAP Holly has worked in internal and external facing roles bringing a unique customer focused perspective.  

Holly sits on the International Executive of the LEAP Group reporting directly to the Global CEO. 

Content Development Team

Katrina Latham
Katrina Latham

Global Head of Content Quality

Katrina is responsible for establishing global best practice and procedures that ensure the highest Content quality and consistency across all LEAP regions.

Katherine Gonzalez
Katherine Gonzalez

Head of Content US

Katherine plays a crucial role in ensuring user-friendly and trustworthy legal Content for LEAP users in the US, while overseeing attorneys and legal experts to provide ongoing value to law firms.

daniela cangelosi
Daniela Cangelosi

Director of Canadian Content

Daniela is responsible for planning, developing, and delivering legal Content to clients in Canada while creating a positive user experience and helping law firms grow their businesses.

Kirsti Gray
Kirsti Gray

Head of Content UK

Kirsti leads the Content team in the UK in enhancing Content areas for a smooth user experience while ensuring all LEAP forms are up-to-date, accurate, and populated with LEAP data.

Dominique Kane
Dominique Lytwyn-Kane

Director of Content APAC

Dominique holds executive responsibility for Content developed in APAC and leads a large team that is dedicated to ensuring that LEAP content is up to date, automated, and saves time for clients.