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LEAP Executive Chairman,
Richard Hugo-Hamman speaks to NYC Bar.

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LEAP Legal Software wins Innovation in Legal Service and Supplier of the Year at British Legal Tech Awards

UK - LEAP Legal Software receives two top honours at the British Legal Technology Awards in recognition for its contributions to legal tech innovation and excellence for the SME market. Read more>

Becoming a Highly Successful Small Law Firm

UK - The Manchester Messenger provides an excerpt of Executive Chairman Richard Hugo-Hamman's 11 Habits of Highly Successful Law Firms. Read more>

LEAP early adopter of UK Bank NatWest's APtimise System

UK - LEAP becomes an early adopter of UK Bank NatWest's APtimise System which combines invoice automation and intelligent payments in a single cloud solution. Read more>

LEAP Legal Podcast launches with 11 Habits of Highly Successful Law Firms

GLOBAL - In the inaugural series of the LEAP Legal Podcast, Executive Chairman Richard Hugo-Hamman shares his insights into the 11 Habits of Highly Successful Law Firms. Hear more>

Free national roadshow on 'Preparing Your Firm For 2019 and Beyond'

UK - LEAP, InfoTrack and Perfect Portal have partnered to present a series of complimentary seminars on topics including GDPR, fraud, price transparency, best practice, improving the home buying and selling process. Read more>

Becoming a highly successful small law firm

UK - Litigation Futures provides an excerpt of Executive Chairman Richard Hugo-Hamman's 11 Habits of Highly Successful Small Law Firms. Read more>

How can small law firms become more successful?

UK - Inside Conveyancing provides an excerpt of the 11 Habits of Highly Successful Small Law Firms, including a checklist of action items. Read more>

LEAP launches Litigation Centre of Excellence

UK - Dedicated to helping litigators work smarter, the Litigation Centre of Excellence tracks current and future needs of litigators using LEAP software. Read more>

LEAP launches major revision of Legal Aid software

UK - Working closely with the Legal Aid Agency (LAA), LEAP has launched a completely integrated Legal Aid software package for criminal and civil matters in England and Wales. Read more>

LEAP enters exclusive partnership with Law Society of Scotland

UK - The Law Society of Scotland, the professional body for over 11,000 Scottish solicitors, welcomes LEAP as its first ever Legal Technology strategic partner. Read more>

How LEAP Dev's revolutionary automated build pipeline vastly improved speed and delivery

GLOBAL - Showcased in this Amazon Web Services podcast is LEAP Dev's revolutionary automated build pipeline, which simultaneously deploys containers in up to 10 AWS Regions. Podcast features LEAP IT Manager Gavin Smith and Senior Cloud Engineer Saman Tabatabaeian. Hear more>

Executive Chairman Richard Hugo-Hamman debunks the myths of digital conveyancing

GLOBAL - Richard Hugo-Hamman, Executive Chairman of LEAP, delivers the 2018 keynote speech at Legalex, 'Digital Conveyancing - Debunking the Myths.' See more>

How DocuSign for Salesforce helped LEAP save 40 hours per week

GLOBAL - Chris Chahinian, Global Business Systems Manager at LEAP, spoke to DocuSign about how its Salesforce automation helped the LEAP sales team save up to 40 hours per week. Read more>

Kelly Clifford, COO of LEAP US, made Women in Legal Tech 2018

USA - LEAP COO Kelly Clifford made the prestigious Women in Legal Tech 2018 list, The list recognises legaltech innovators, and was announced by the Legal Technology Resource Center and the American Bar Association. Read more>

Gavin Smith
How LEAP encourages flexible working with new technology

AUSTRALIA - In the lead up to Salesforce World Tour, we sat down with Gavin Smith from LEAP, a cloud-based practice management software, to talk about how he's used new technology to encourage a flexible working culture... Read more>

Starting a solo law practice - Don't run out of cash

USA - Recently I have read many articles discussing how to start a solo law practice. They have all been very good in that they give lots of advice on how to set up a firm cheaply and quickly. The biggest problem is that they all gloss over cash flow. Having a budget is not the same as having a cash flow forecast. Read more>

Digitisation of conveyancing: a key opportunity for law firms to innovate

UK - With buying and selling a home still typically taking months to complete, private sector businesses are leading the innovation charge to drive transformation and reform. Conveyancers that resist digital transformation face a challenge to keep up. Read more>

Document sharing in the modern law firm

UK - Gone are the days of lawyers having to carry heavy briefcases and large folders full of documents. Technology has enabled lawyers and their clients to share and collaborate across multiple documents with single handheld devices such as tablets or laptops. Read more>

Advice to law firms on data transfer

UK - Peter Baverstock, CEO of UK, gives his tips to law firms on how to ensure a smooth and successful transfer of data to a new practice management system. Read more>

Stop wasting billable hours

USA - Over the last few decades, advancements in data entry and computers have revolutionized the small law firm market. Instead of working harder and longer, firms have discovered how to work smarter. These legal leaders are now producing legal forms in one click, without human error. Read more>

How one company put its team's compensation on the line-and sparked 10x > growth

GLOBAL - Ten years ago, LEAP Legal Software had grown slowly to only 27 employees its first 14 years in business. Today it has a team of 300 and generates $50 million in annual revenue. LEAP accelerated its growth dramatically by tying its team's pay to achievement of its quarterly goals. Read more>

The top 5 takeaways from this year's Lawyers Weekly Future Forum

AUSTRALIA - This year's Lawyer's Weekly Future Forum demonstrated that innovation spans the entire entity of an organisation—from technology through to business models and operations—to enable lawyers to provide a more intuitive experience to the market. Read more>

4 party perspective image
4-party perspective: How success differs in law firm roles

AUSTRALIA - A new survey has shed light on how principals, lawyers, office managers and paralegals measure their success, with some vastly different results coming from each party. The survey, State of Play in Law 2017 and Beyond, was conducted by legal software solutions provider LEAP and heard from over 670 participants. Read more>

Landmark year in legal IT

UK - This year's Journal overview of current technology trends predicts that we are indeed beginning to see how IT is enabling innovative legal practices to redesign the whole delivery of legal services. Read more>

Principals' top priorities revealed

AUSTRALIA - A new survey has uncovered what's top of mind for law firm principals, revealing that it's not all about profit margins. Read more>

SMEs to revamp online presence as competition climbs

AUSTRALIA - With competition set to soar higher, a new survey has indicated that the key strategic focus for almost half of principals over the next 12 months is boosting their firms' online marketing. Read more>

Ensuring the long-term growth of your law firm

UK - Richard Hugo-Hamman, Executive Chairman of LEAP, discusses change and how to use technology to keep ahead of the curve. Read more>

LEAP expands to 16 in Scotland

UK - LEAP, the cloud software provider for small law firms, has relocated its offices in Edinburgh to larger premises to accommodate a team which has expanded from seven to sixteen during the last year. Read more>

LEAP Founder wins EY entrepreneur of the year

GLOBAL - Rich Lister Christian Beck took out the EY entrepreneur of the year prize in an awards ceremony at Crown Palladium on Wednesday night. The founder of Australian Technology Innovators was described by the judging panel as a "self-made and self-taught" man who has amassed a $619 million fortune, placing him in 109th place in last year's Australian Financial Review Rich List. Read more>

Technology in probate

UK - How has the role of technology in probate evolved over time to provide a better service for clients, and how do you predict technology in this space will continue to change in the years to come? Read more>

The way we work with documents is broken

AUSTRALIA - If we were furniture makers we wouldn't send half-finished furniture to a client for feedback and further instructions. We would want the furniture to stay in the one place during its manufacture. Yet as legal practitioners we send half-finished documents back and forth by email. Read more>

How to create long-term growth for your practice

USA - Your law firm is a business. Like all businesses, growth and profitability is paramount. You want to see your client base grow and your profits increase, year on year. Even more importantly, you don't want to go backwards just because you are so busy working in the business that you don't notice what is happening. Read more>

The innovation of automation has fueled the fear of machines stealing jobs

USA - What happens when humankind makes a machine more intuitive and efficient than itself? A wake of anxiety ensues. This phenomenon of technology overpowering humans is not a new social apprehension. The idea of man inventing a more powerful creation than himself can be traced back to the early 19th century. Read more>

The security of cloud-based software and client communication

USA - The fear of not having a secure cloud-based software should far outweigh the fear of switching to a new system. In fact, the longer law firms procrastinate implementing a secure cloud-based software the higher risk of ransomware they face. With an estimated 4,000 ransomware attacks occurring daily, ransomware threats are at an ultimate high. Read more>

LEAP 365

UK - LEAP, a leading cloud based legal software provider for small to mid-sized law firms, has launched LEAP 365, which enables lawyers across the UK to manage their matters seamlessly from anywhere in the world, from their PC, laptop, mobile device or Mac. Read more>

Legal case management software: the here and now and looking ahead

UK - David Bowden describes the current trends in the market for case management software for legal service providers. Read more>

LEAP provides outsourced cashier services to law firms

UK - LEAP, the leading cloud-based practice management software provider, today announces a partnership with The Cashroom to provide outsourced cashier, management accounting and payroll services. The Cashroom will provide these services to LEAP client firms to increase efficiency, reduce costs and ensure full compliance with all Solicitors Accounts Rules. Read more>

Making the transition - Guest lecture with Katie MacKillop from LEAP

USA - It's a recurring theme. You know you need to transition over to more automation in your practice. You read the benefits. Lawyers you know can't say enough about the time-savings. You watch them accessing their entire office from their smartphone with a tinge of jealousy but you can't seem to move off the mark. Read more>

Transforming client communication: LawConnect

USA - Share client documents safely and securely on-the-go. Over the past 15 years, email has become ubiquitous and has dramatically changed communication. A hand-scripted letter placed in an envelope is an outdated form of business communication. Read more>

LEAP celebrates 1000 UK firm milestone; 6000 end-users of LEAP in the UK

UK - LEAP Legal Software has doubled its UK customer base in the last twelve months and has now passed the 1,000 firm mark with over 6,000 end users of its integrated case management platform. Read more>

How are lawyers using mobile

UK - The demand for access to business information has grown dramatically. Over 80% of the UK population has a smartphone, and over two thirds of adults have access to a tablet. Current estimates predict over 75% of internet use will be on a mobile device in 2017, with this increasing to 80% in 2018. Read more>

LEAP celebrates 1000 UK Firm Milestone

UK - LEAP Legal Software has doubled its UK customer base in the last twelve months and has now passed the 1,000 firm mark with over 6,000 end users of its integrated case management platform. Read more>

5 practical tips for a paperless family law office

USA - Today, smartphones and tablets put the world at our fingertips. Information can be retrieved with the touch of a finger. As a family lawyer, you must keep up with technological advancements in order to best serve clients. Read more>

LEAP brings document automation and forms to practice management software

USA - Once a luxury, document automation has become essential in law firms. Consumers of legal services want to pay for your expertise, not for you to noodle around in Microsoft Word formatting a scanned form and manually entering data. Read more>

Automation and machine learning: an opportunity to upskill support staff

USA - There are approximately 1.3 million lawyers in America. A law firm is also made up of support staff such as paralegals, legal assistants and legal secretaries. In total, are approximately 271,000 paralegals and 202,000 legal secretaries in the United States. So with almost 500,000 law firm support staff jobs in America, the most common question I'm asked is: “Will automation and machine learning cause me to lose my job? Read more>

LEAP celebrates 1000 UK firm milestone

UK - LEAP Legal Software has doubled its UK customer base in the last twelve months and has now passed the 1,000 firm mark with over 6,000 end users of its integrated case management platform. This rapid growth in firms switching to LEAP has been accelerated by the recent launch of LEAP 365... Read more>

LEAP 365 - legal case management software to fully integrate with Office 365

UK - LEAP, the leading legal software provider for small law firms today launches LEAP 365 which enables a lawyer to work seamlessly worldwide on any PC, laptop, smartphone or Mac. Read more>

Why consumer product security concerns cannot be applied to legal software

USA - Recently, there has been a proliferation of opinions on why attorneys should worry about data security and privacy. Often, the main concern revolves around subpoenas ordering the release of data for legal proceedings. Read more>

Ten considerations when starting your own law firm

UK - Peter Baverstock of LEAP, the leading cloud based legal software solution for small law firms, outlines areas to consider when starting your own firm. The continuing advancement of cloud technology and new ownership regulations mean... Read more>

LEAP enhances technical support and grows team

UK - LEAP, the world's leading cloud software provider for small law firms, has recently transformed its UK customer service model, moving from an inbound helpdesk telephone system to a LiveChat system where the vast majority of support issues can be resolved immediately. Read more>

10 considerations when starting your own law firm

UK - The continuing advancement of cloud technology and the new ownership regulation means it has never been easier to start a law firm. Read more>

LEAP expands with opening of new Manchester office

UK - LEAP, the leading practice management software provider for small law firms, has recently moved into a larger office in Portland Street, Manchester. Read more>

Legal IT news: DocsCorp, Workshare, NAVEX Global, Bakers, Rodys Withy King, LEAP, Neota, Brexit

UK - As the Christmas countdown begins and the mulled wine (ok just wine) flows, we bring you news of a new version of cleanDocs; a new 64-bit version of Workshare 9; a partnership between NAVEX Global and Baker & McKenzie; a post-merger IT overhaul for Royds Withy King; a Belfast launch for LEAP; expansion in Asia Pacific for Neota Logic; and a spotlight on the latest post-Brexit news. Read more>

Five leaders on what it takes to make it to the top

GLOBAL - Reaching the top takes passion, determination, patience and an entrepreneurial spirit. Five business leaders, who've vaulted onto the annual BRW Rich 200 list for the first time this year, share their journeys with Lyndall Crisp and offer a few words of wisdom. Read more>

LEAP 365 offers practice management and document assembly everywhere you go

USA - Today's issue of TL NewsWire covers cloud practice management and document assembly software that runs on Windows PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices (see article below). Read more>

LEAP moves document assembly to the cloud with Office 365's Web Apps

USA - When law practice management software moved to the cloud, complex document assembly didn't go with it. In a nutshell, document assembly allows lawyers to merge client data into forms and templates to save time and avoid error. Read more>

10 legal bloggers, tweeters, and podcasters you need to know

USA - Today I want to call out ten legal bloggers, tweeters, and podcasters who make exceptionally good content. From blogs to podcasts to Twitter accounts, these ten lawyers are worth your time and attention. Read more>

Organize your firm to grow your profits

USA - It is a common misconception among owners of small law firms that growth is measured by the number of people in the business. Over the years, I have spoken with many partners in small law firms, and as soon as the word 'growth' is mentioned, they react, usually with alarm and a statement similar to: "No! I don't want any more partners!" Read more>

Increase your firm's profit with intelligent staffing and workflow solutions

USA - Today, take 15 minutes to examine whether your IT systems are slowing down work in your firm. In less than three billable units of time, you could uncover insights that make you more efficient and more profitable. Read on to discover how to get started. Read more>

LEAP - One system to manage your solo and small law firm

USA - LEAP can increase law office billing by as much as 30 percent because the system facilitates capturing every service provided to the client - and that makes the investment well worth the money. Read more>

The long 9: Essential software for the modern law practice

USA - You know when formerly avant-garde concepts begin to worm their way into the lawyers' ethics canon, that it's finally time to pay attention. So it is that technology has been awarded its moment... Read more>

LEAP offers small law firms an integrated front and back office

USA - The fewer moving parts in a small law firm, the better. More complexity tends to increase administrative costs. In the technology realm, the more your practice management system can handle, the more you can dispense with single-function products. Read more>

Differentiating cloud-based practice management in 2016

USA - I spoke with Chris Stock, the CEO of USA, a cloud-based practice management tool for solo practitioners and small law firms. We discussed how LEAP differs from the other law office management solutions on the market... Read more>

LEAP Legal Software reports record year

AUSTRALIA - LEAP Legal Software has reported that in calendar 2014 more than 1,000 Australian legal practices chose LEAP Software. Read more>

The new digital front door to your law firm

AUSTRALIA - Did a client enter your firm through the front door of your office today? Did a receptionist greet the client and offer a glass of water? This scenario is becoming less frequent as the digital age takes hold. Read more>

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