Portrait of John Espley

John Espley

Chief Executive Officer & Chairman | CA, UK & IE

John Espley is the Chief Executive and Chairman of LEAP Canada, United Kingdom, and Ireland.

Prior to his current role, John's responsibility was CEO of LEAP UK where he drove new business growth, region-specific product development, and improved customer service to the UK. John was also responsible for completing several key strategic acquisitions and successfully expanding LEAP into Ireland.

Having worked for LEAP for more than a decade, John has performed many senior roles within the business with responsibilities including partnership development, business operations, and prior to becoming CEO, new business sales. As Director of Sales, John drove significant user adoption to LEAP and introduced many law firms to the benefits of the Cloud.

After working over 20 years in legal technology, John has built a wealth of experience developing relationships with both new firms and existing clients alike. John is impassioned by legal technology as well the core values of LEAP, and sees it as his mission to support the ongoing digital transformation of law firms.