Portrait of Peter Baverstock

Peter Baverstock

President | LEAP US

Peter Baverstock is the President of LEAP US and works with LEAP executives across the globe.

Before becoming the President of LEAP US, Peter was the CEO of LEAP US and LEAP UK. As the CEO of LEAP US, Peter grew the number of firms using LEAP by over 200% since joining the team in 2019. Under his charge, Peter also successfully transformed LEAP UK from a start-up to the number one legal software supplier to law firms in the United Kingdom.

During his time as CEO of LEAP UK, LEAP UK was successfully transformed from a start-up to the number one supplier of legal software to law firms in the United Kingdom. Within 3.5 years, LEAP UK attracted more than 11,000 end users and 2,000 firms, which resulted in an Annualised Committed Monthly Revenue of £10m. LEAP UK now has offices throughout the UK, in Scotland and the Republic of Ireland.

Prior to joining LEAP in 2013, Peter had over 20 years' experience working with law firms in a variety of roles, including sales, support and management.

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