Portrait of Tina Shergold

Tina Shergold

Chief Business Enablement Officer

Tina is LEAP's Chief Business Enablement Officer. She brings over 25 years' experience in the legal sector, specializing in practice management systems where she oversaw legal software transition, implementation, and support departments. Her deep understanding of legal technology combined with extensive Development and Commercial Operations experience has resulted in a strong ability to solve complex technical issues, while delivering consistently high-quality solutions to all stakeholders. 

As Chief Business Enablement Officer, Tina is responsible for identifying solutions to assist global Implementation teams in ensuring successful installation delivery, designing and implementing new automation methodologies, and developing automated solutions to enhance the delivery process according to best practice methodology. 

Tina also manages LEAP’s third-party integrations, playing a crucial role in ensuring law firms have access to the best technology and legal applications available in the market. This involves overseeing and guiding all third-party integrations within LEAP’s Developer Console and Marketplace, ensuring world-class apps are available for LEAP’s global client base.