vahdat dastpak CEO LEAP Dev

Vahdat Dastpak

Chief Executive Officer | LEAP Dev

With 12 years of unwavering dedication to LEAP, Vahdat Dastpak brings a wealth of experience and leadership to his role as Chief Executive Officer of LEAP Dev. Having joined LEAP in 2011 as a senior software developer, Vahdat's journey has been marked by a commitment to driving innovation and growth.

As the Chief Executive Officer, Vahdat provides the driving force behind LEAP Dev, offering comprehensive leadership and strategic direction. His responsibilities include setting forth LEAP Dev’s strategic vision, overseeing the company's overall performance and operations, and building and nurturing the senior leadership team.

During his time at LEAP, Vahdat has been a catalyst for transformative initiatives including the design and implementation of LEAP Desktop and its integration with Microsoft Office, and LEAP’s integration with third-party apps and legacy software components of LEAP’s acquired companies in the UK and US.

Prior to joining LEAP, Vahdat served as a lecturer at Amirkabir University of Technology in Tehran, where he imparted knowledge in programming and digital design to undergraduate students. He also held pivotal positions as the CFO of Quartz Computer and later ascended to the role of CEO at Neviseh Pardaz Computer Co.

Vahdat's educational background includes a Master of Science (M.S.) in Computer Architecture from Amirkabir University of Technology in Tehran and a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Hardware Engineering from Shiraz University.

Software Engineering Team

hilal kabakoz
Hilal Kabakoz

Chief Operating Officer

Joining LEAP in 2013, Hilal has amassed a wealth of knowledge spanning various facets of LEAP's operations, from development, content, and product to the intricacies of operational excellence.

levon kemkemian
Levon Kemkemian

Head of Development (Content Systems)

Levon manages the provision of quality Content creation tools and reliable Content delivery systems, while also overseeing the Content elements that form the backbone of LEAP's core product.

brian zhang
Brian Zhang

Head of Development (Backend)

Brian is responsible for shaping the technical landscape of LEAP's core product and is a seasoned expert in designing and developing highly scalable distributed applications.

serkan dik
Serkan Dik

Head of Quality Engineering

With over 28 years of software testing experience, Serkan manages LEAP's Quality Engineering team, overseeing the testing of LEAP products and integrations to drive increased productivity.

andre van staden
Andre Van Staden

Development Manager (Infinity Law)

Andre manages Infinitylaw’s development team, while ensuring seamless day-to-day operations with the Quality Engineering and Support teams to deliver cutting-edge software solutions and innovation.

tom tran
Tom Tran

Software Development Team Lead

Tom manages LEAP Desktop and its automation with Microsoft apps. Of note, Tom's implementation of LEAP's internal and third-party app integrations has enriched the value LEAP provides to clients.

gavin mccraith smith
Gavin McCraith-Smith

Global Transitions Manager

Gavin oversees data transitions by new clients who switch to LEAP from a manual system or another product. As these transitions are often complex, Gavin ensures they are conducted effectively.