Company Overview

LEAP is a multinational legaltech software company serving markets in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. We support the software needs of law firms with a suite of products offering productivity boosting features and time-saving tools, so lawyers can improve their businesses and better serve their communities.

LEAP, the Legal Practice Productivity Solution

Document Assembly and Management

Produce, share, and store documents, correspondence, searches, and forms with ease within LEAP's in-built legal document management system.

Practice Management

Work any time, anywhere, and from any device, all in one easy-to-access location. Deeply integrated time tracking functionality ensures every billable item is assigned to the appropriate matter efficiently.

Legal Accounting

Generate invoices, accept online payments, manage retainers and client accounts, and capture disbursements with in-built office and trust accounting capabilities to maximize profit.m.

Legal Publishing

Access a comprehensive library of up-to-date legally drafted precedent template documents and forms, and legal guides and commentaries. All content in LEAP is continuously updated in line with the latest legislation, practice and procedure in each user’s jurisdiction.

Client Collaboration

Securely share private and confidential documents, send invoices, and provide clients with access to account statements in real time via LawConnect.


Exclusive Integration Partners


By Lawyers

By Lawyers provides practical up-to-date legal content, authored by experienced practicing lawyers in Australia and the United Kingdom. The By Lawyers library currently has more than 15,000 publications including matter plans, practical commentaries, and legally drafted precedent template documents and forms, which cover common areas of law. By Lawyers publications are available seamlessly integrated in LEAP with powerful automation or as a standalone product on the By Lawyers website in your country.



BundlePro reduces the time-consuming and resource-heavy task of creating and amending court books in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. The web-based software allows users to automatically convert large volumes of documents into a single PDF within minutes, complete with an auto-generated paginated index, bookmarks, hyperlinks, and a cover page. BundlePro’s in-built forensic OCR also enables documents contained in the bundle to become fully text searchable, making it easy for lawyers to locate a particular paragraph, page, or section.



Fileman helps law firms in Australia and the United Kingdom reduce the risk and cost of managing clients’ sensitive information. Its cloud-based file management solution enables lawyers to securely manage the collection, processing, storage, and destruction of closed files. By managing the labor-intensive tasks associated with retrieving files and processing documents, users can spend less time on filing and cataloging, and more time on billable activities.

Specialist Divisions



For the past 25 years, WealthCounsel has been the largest provider of specialist Estate Planning drafting software, template documents for Irrevocable Living Trusts, and other crucial Estate Planning documents in the United States. WealthCounsel membership provides Estate Planning lawyers who have chosen to specialize in this exciting field of law with all the tools and information needed to practice confidently in and across all 50 states, including specialist Estate Planning materials as well as primary and continuing legal education.



For more than a decade, ElderCounsel membership has provided document drafting software and template documents for Special Needs Trusts, Medicaid applications, and applications to Veterans Affairs. As a premium member services organization, ElderCounsel provides lawyers with all the education, training and support required to nurture and grow a successful Lifetime Planning practice in the United States.



As specialists in family law software, DivorceMate provides Canadian family law practitioners with the tools they need to run their firms efficiently and successfully. Used by thousands of law firms, members of the judiciary, and the general public, DivorceMate's products are cloud-based and include tools for child and spousal support calculations, forms for completing day-to-day court forms, and precedents for drafting agreements in family separations.

Enterprise industry leaders in legal tech

Our Products

LEAP has “boots on the ground” in every country in which law firms use our solutions to better serve their clients. LEAP's worldwide network not only provides unmatched local resources but also allows the company to deliver quality products to all markets. To facilitate its large-scale operations, LEAP is a power user of market-leading products offered by the following partners:

  • InfoTrack

  • Salesforce

  • Gainsight

  • Zuora

  • Microsoft

  • Amazon Web Services

Key Performance Statistics 2023

LEAP delivers an industry-leading software solution that is attune to the needs of law firms. LEAP also takes security, privacy, and compliance very seriously, and a range of best-in-class information security tools and technology is used to safeguard all client data.

Annual Committed Monthly Revenue

With a growing loyal customer base, LEAP is poised for continued high growth and international expansion with its suite of productivity and collaboration solutions for law firms.

Invoiced Through the LEAP Billing System

Extraordinary time recording and super-efficient billing systems allow lawyers to accurately record everything they do and easily bill as soon as they are entitled to, resulting in accelerated cash flows.

Average Uptime Globally

Lawyers who rely on LEAP can rest assured that our systems offer unparalleled stability and uptime so the business of law is never interrupted.

Electronic Conversions of Legacy Data

The history contained in legacy data is important and valuable to every law firm. Safely moving that data to a new system is a major cause of resistance to progress and change. LEAP has developed the intellectual property and expertise to electronically convert data and documents accurately and safely from more than 70 competitor products.

Automated Legal Documents in MS Word

LEAP is a tremendous success worldwide due to the depth of knowledge incorporated into all legal documents produced. The library comprises automated documents and pre-configured matter types for all common areas of law.

Trust Money Processed Successfully and Compliantly

The huge responsibility of being trusted to look after client money and comply with professional regulations troubles many lawyers. LEAP enables lawyers to comply with the regulations of the jurisdiction in which it is sold, providing peace of mind for lawyers.

Petabytes of Client Data Securely Stored on AWS

Safe storage of firm and client data is crucial in the modern world. All LEAP data is stored on multiple redundant servers powered by Amazon Web Services.

Documents Shared via LawConnect

LEAP’s client portal, LawConnect, allows lawyers to securely share confidential documents and collaborate with their clients from anywhere, anytime and from multiple devices.

Parties Using LawConnect to Collaborate

As a secure and efficient way to share and privately collaborate on legal documents, LawConnect has facilitated online collaboration for over 778,000 parties worldwide.